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Changing the world with Android’s innovative technology

Most famous for its logo, Android is the most widely used operating system. Which was developed by Google. The three men that were behind inventing the innovative technology is Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, and Nick Sears. It first made it’s release in November of 2007. As for active users, it has over two billion. That was just updated as of May 2017.

Android was originally created to save people time. Truthfully thinking, what would our lives be without it? It has made our lives easier in more ways than I think we realize. Before Android came into our lives, smart phones were only created for those who had a lot of money to spend on them. Now, you can purchase a device with an Android system for less than forty bucks. Not only does it save you time, but it isn’t killing the wallet either.

It was designed for devices such as flat screen phones, and tablets. Android has went above, and beyond! They have branched out further than phones or tablets. They now have operating systems for televisions, gaming consoles, and many other electronics. You can do so much with the swipe of your finger. So many different applications (also known as apps) have been designed to fit your personal needs. Some of which include online banking, news updates, weather alerts, games, and even learning games for the kids. A lot of food services now have “apps” for their restaurants. Created to order food straight from your phone, and be notified when it’s time for arrival is amazing within its-self.

That isn’t where they stop though. For those who attend church you are now able to view different complete versions of the Bible straight from your device. You are able to keep memo notes to help you through-out your day. Create calender’s, and even video chat with friends and family. You don’t have to waste phone minutes (is that even a thing anymore) but you can see their faces no matter if they live five minutes away, or in a different country.

Really into fitness? Android has you covered there as well. You can get devices that are powered by Android technology that look like a watch. I know what you are thinking, “If I want something to tell me the time, I’ll just buy a real watch.” I know, I get it. That isn’t all they do though! Check it out – They can tell you what your heart rate is, and even how many steps you have taken during the day. Some of these devices can tell you how your sleeping at night. Cool huh?

If taking directions, and remembering them in order to get from one destination to the other isn’t something you’re good at . . . fear not! Android has a GPS system that can be accessed straight from your device. It can tell you where you are, where to go, and all step by step. You can even connect this to your car radio if you don’t have the GPS system there already!

Although Android can be an amazing source of technology. It has it’s down-falls. I know, Shocking right? I think the big issue is that it has taken away so many important things. We will start with hands on experiences. A lot of schools don’t allow children to use scissors or glue anymore. They have new lessons through apps. It’s taken away a lot of jobs, because so much can be completed with the click of a finger. Most importantly, I think that is taking away quality time spent. Even though Android has created a life of convenience, we tend to spend more time with our face in our phones than looking at one another.

Another issue that people are having with Android is that we now seem to have a lack of privacy. Most fail to realize that no matter if Android has technology out, or not the government has their own ways of checking up on Americans. We had cameras on our desk tops, and lap tops before Android made it’s appearance. Introducing us to it’s entirely new world!

Information over load right? I know, and just think we didn’t cover everything Android is capable of doing. It’s hard to believe that smart phones was once just being able to access the internet, and take photos. They are now changing our lives completely. Before we know it, nothing we will do won’t be ran by some sort of technology such as Android.