Freedom vs Security

Did you know that the Grand Inquisitor, a character in the book by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, put Jesus, our savior, our lord, our God, in prison just because he gave too much freedom to the people? The basis of the story is that Jesus is born again in the modern times and is curing all the problems of the people and giving them the choice to live their life as they desire. So thus he is put in jail by the The grand Inquisitor for such actions. The Inquisitor argues that there are rules and laws put into society that allow people to live a safe and secure life, and the price they pay is freedom. Nobody wants to make a choice and end up in the wrong place. The grand inquisitor says that people don’t want the responsibility of making a choice, and want others to make the choice, thus the church and the government is created to make laws and rules so that when something goes wrong, there is someone to blame instead of the person who committed the wrong doing. It’s crazy, but if you really think about it, The grand inquisitor is right. People can’t take a loss, and they will try to find someone or something to blame. It is the human condition, and back then, or in the story itself, the church took responsibility and people lived happily and securely. Now does this limit the people from greater potential? Doctors are still being made, and there are people who are crazy successful due to their hard work. I would say that there is still limitations, but today’s generation has a greater potential of being much successful than the previous. This is due to the fact that more and more people are willing to take risks just to be successful and provide for their family. There shouldn’t be any limitation for freedom because if there are more rules and control over the people, there is always a possibility that people will not reach their potential. On YouTube, I recently came across a video where a 14 year old is addressing a speech. In that speech he illustrates something that will always stay with me forever. He said that if he puts Michael Jordan next to himself for a shooting contest, and in that contest Michael Jordan is only holding the ball and the 14 year old is shooting. The question here is who is the better player? He says “I am the better player here” because he took the shot and Jordan didn’t. He’s not saying he’s better than Michael Jordan at basketball, but at that moment and at that particular contest, he has a better shot of winning just because he was willing to shoot and Michael wasn’t. It is simply fascinating to think about all the people in the world who didn’t take their “shot” and how many people lost their dream job or life just because they didn’t take their shot. Now to answer the main question, no there shouldn’t be a “too much freedom”. But control on the other hand should play a role when safety is the concern. There are people who would do terrible things to get what they want, and that would impact the society in a negative way. Their way of success is unnatural. That’s where the justice system should come in and all the rules and laws should take effect. As long as there are people who are growing with good intentions for the society, the freedom they receive should be limitless. Now people might be thinking that this is an impossible way to keep track of who does what to get where they are, and they are absolutely right. So that is why freedom is unlimited, but not the control. Control has it’s own power and there is no such thing as too much control when it comes to the current laws. There are stop signs put in for safety, and lanes on the road for organization, and as long as those rules are followed no one is hurt. There are many cases where bad never gets caught and the good suffers instead. It’s the life we live in and until the right leadership is set in, there is no true change that will automatically happen. If each person chooses to do the right thing, then there will be no need for rules. Freedom will forever be unlimited, but rules change as people change, that is the fact of life.
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Freedom of Being An Independent Las Vegas Escort

We currently live in a digital age where every part of life is amplified. The internet has allowed individuals to experience success and popularity in ways they would not have 20 to 30 years ago. Technology has drastically changed many aspects of our public lives. It has also had a major impact on our private lives, especially in regards to sex. Therefore, it is only normal that technology have an impact on the industry of sex. The advent of the internet has also provided an avenue for online escort services and independent escorts to flourish. It is for these reasons that The days of pimps and hoes is over!

The era of “pimps and ho’s” has lost its popularity for many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Women have gained more independence over their bodies
  • The game of pimping offers very little security
  • Opportunities to advertise are non-existent
  • Women have gained more financial independence
  • The threat of violence is ever present from the pimp and prospective clients

In many areas of the United States, escort services and independent escorts are both in high demand. They have proven that sex will always sell even if things like clothes and candy won’t sell. These facts are especially evident in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Escorts and Runway Escorts are a high commodity. There are countless advantages to being involved with the inside crowd of Las Vegas Escorts. While careful consideration should be taken, if one decides that being an escort is not their desire, they can leave the business without fear of retaliation. On the contrary, if a woman tries to leave a pimp, her fate may be met with extreme violence to her and/or her family.

It’s safe to say that The days of pimps and hoes is over simply because escorts provide a safer and professional way to provide advertising and income opportunities. By becoming a Las Vegas escort, one is free of all of the stigmas that come with a traditional “pimp and ho” relationship. In this type of relationship, a pimp’s main goal is to manipulate a woman’s mind for monetary gain. The goal of an escort service is to provide a professional solution to the demand of companionship and sex for its clients. This is especially true if one works with Runway Escorts as a variety of women are accepted.

There are many pros to working with a Las Vegas Escort service. If you decide to work with a service, it is important to know that a professional escort service will not ask an applicant to take their clothes off or perform sexual acts to prove their worthiness. Unlike some pimps, a professional escort service will not employ the use of drugs or other illegal substances. It is vital to the success of a potential escort that she perform all of the necessary research to find a legit agency.

Once a suitable agency is found, many benefits are available to the escort regarding the business aspect of the job. There’s a reduced chance of meeting up with a serial killer due to the fact that all of the advertisement and client screenings are managed. Another benefit is that if the proper research is done, you will know that you are working with an established business.

On the contrary, there are some aspects of working with an escort service that are in alignment with pimping. When working for an escort service, although the advertisement is managed, there is less control over how you are advertised. In many instances, a large cut of your earnings are taken. Also, while experiencing certain freedoms, at the end of the day, you still work for someone else. With these things said, some may agree that the woman could be better off remaining a horse in a pimp’s stable!

To truly experience freedom in the sex industry, it is important to become an independent escort. Being independent gives you complete control over all aspects of your business and income. The fact that you work for no one else is the feature that expresses the true freedom of an independent escort. However, a price comes with freedom. When you are independent, there is a lot of initial work that must be done. The screening of clients and hiring security is solely your responsibility. More importantly, if any mishaps occur, there are no safety nets.

Regardless of which avenue is chosen, freedom can be experienced from working with an escort service or being an independent escort. Either way, The days of pimps and hoes is over. The era of the exciting world of escorts is alive and well!

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Giving a Child Too Much Freedom Can be Destructive

Every parent raises their child in their own way and they make the decisions that they feel are best for that child. Different people choose to live in different ways, and every child turns out differently because of the way in which they are raised. There are some who believe that children should have a limited amount of freedom and that most of their decisions should be made by their parents and other adults in their lives. There are others who believe that children should be given many opportunities to exercise their freedom and to do what they want. Each person has to decide what is best for their children, but there are times when too much freedom can be destructive.

Children who are given too much freedom can feel as if their life is out of control. Children who have the freedom to make all of their own decisions may find that it is scary to be in control of their own lives and they may long to have someone else step in and make decisions for them. Children who are left to make all of their own decisions might long for a concerned adult to step in and show them what they should and should not do. It can be scary for a child to choose all of what they do. It can be scary for a child to have to make all of their own decisions without any help from adults. Giving a child too much freedom can be destructive because of the way that children with a lot of freedom feel scared in regard to their lives.

Children who are given too much freedom can make mistakes that will change their life in big ways. It can be hard for a child to know what is and is not right, and having too much freedom can lead to a child messing up. A child needs to have someone looking out for them and helping them figure out the best way to live. A child needs to have an adult helping them learn what is good and right. A child who is given too much freedom can mess up their life in a way that will ruin their future. A child who is given too much freedom can become injured. Life is not safe for a child when they do not have anyone looking out for them, and every child needs to have their freedom limited in some way in order for them to live a good life. A parent who wants to keep their child safe and who wants to make sure that their child will not mess up their life in any big way must limit their freedom at times.

Children who are given too much freedom may end up having problems dealing with authority at different times in their life. Those children who grow up without having rules that they have to follow may have a hard time respecting those who try to tell them what they should do. Children need to know that there are times that they have to listen to the adults in their life, and those children who are given too much freedom will feel that they can do what they want no matter what the adults in their lives have to say. Too much freedom can be destructive as it can lead to disrespectful and disobedient children. It can lead to adults who will not listen to authority. It can lead to a bad end for various people as too much freedom makes a child think that they can do anything and everything that they want to do when it comes to the way that they live their life.

There are various ways in which a person will make decisions for their child in order to look out for them. There are some people who will give their child a lot of freedom and allow them to do what they want. Those people might feel as if that is what is right for their children. There are other people who will keep their children close at all times and think that in doing that they can keep their children safe from anything that could go wrong. Every person needs to figure out the right amount of freedom to give to their child. Every parent has to decide how much freedom is right for each one of their children. It is important for a parent to know that too much freedom can be destructive.